Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is winding down. School has started around
the country, and I have to smile, remembering how
happy some of the parents were to drop off their
little ones.

Even after all these years, the beginning of school
still brings back a touch of melancholy. I remember
so well the first day or two of school, and the
sense of newness that went with standing in front
of those first classes, identifying the students,
trying to remember who was who, and what I knew from
other teachers and brothers or sisters.

Of course, the year my first book came out was a fun
year. It's the most amazing sensation to look at a
student reading your book and know you have to tell them
to put the book away.

Then there was a boy I'll call John! More about John later.

'Simon's Brides'
coming in May '06
From Wings-Press

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