Saturday, June 28, 2014

the Journey

I did not sleep well lasts night, Never buy a refurbished computer. Tiger and a
and I will be having a talk Monday.

In the meantime my angle finds the most wonderful things for nails and bed and all my drinks for my pills.                                    

I do feel better if  DH FEELT BETTER!


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Journey

As things progress I find that things need to be adjusted.My granddaughter got  a lap tray which helps.And my son is installing Dragon tomorrow. That should help also said as-long; as the fingers work I will write.

Breathing is hard, but  there is not much pain more to come? Time will tell. in the mean time I'm living each day to the fullest

tomorrow we start on the booklets for Lovesong and I intended to  teach granddaughter some arts and crafts things.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Journey

Not going too well. Typing is hard, too many, This I the first time I've managed the put some decent thoughts together for days. And not doing that too well. I end up with five or fifteen i's o's or 'p's .
I am sliding, although my nurse says not a while yet.

My granddaughter from Wa  is here and God sent me am angel. She cooks, cleans, washes. I don't think she there is anything she can't do.

From now on thing will be short.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Jouney

I"m coming to the end. Lots of pain.  Pills don't do much good, more prayers please.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Journey

Had to call the nurse this morning. I started an increase in my meds yesterday and this morning I was very concerned that I was reacting to it. I felt weird, my breathing was hard so I called my nurse. We don't think it's the meds, but breathing is hard and I have to admit I felt funny for a good part of the morning.

Here is why I encourage anyone terminally ill to get hospice help. The nurse came Right away, took all the vital signs then stayed with me for about an hour to make sure there was no meds reaction. Now, I'm very sleepy and I must sleep.

So, night all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Journey

I started this blog to help people going through what I'm going through. So far, it's been very easy sailing. But things are beginning to get a bit touchy. The hip pain is almost gone - completely - but I suspect it's because the pain under my left shoulder blade is really nasty. The nurses keep saying on a scale of one to ten. Unfortunately,  with each visit it gets a bit higher. I'm starting to grind my teeth with it, so it's getting up there.

My really good news is that DH got told he goes in tomorrow for a complete upper body scan. Now, we'll finally find out what's wrong with him. The will take some (probably most of my worry away.) When you have been together as long as we have, feeling the way we do about each other, my worries are about him and his worries are about me.

That's why I feel so sorry for people who have no partner as the end nears. You have no one to be considered for or with. Time to bow my head and give thanks for the partner I have.

Bending head, here.


Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Journey

We went to the grocery this am. Oldest son arrives tomorrow so we needed food.  He still likes to eat, even though his father and I don't eat nearly as much as we used to eat.  So, now I'm tired. Better term would be exhausted. I can only do  much any more.

Of course, I'm also worried sick about DH. He gets as tired as I do. He has to stop and rest and he's having trouble breathing too.  Sympathy pains? I've mentioned it before, but tomorrow, finally, he will see his doctor. I think he's worried enough that he'll tell all. I have a feeling he's never completely leveled with the doctor before. And of course, they are friends, so that makes it harder I guess.

So, maybe you could squeeze in a prayer or thought for him as well. We'll be in serious trouble if we both are sick with something nasty.

My thanks