Thursday, October 06, 2005

Writing on a Rainy Day

There's nothing greater than a sunny day. I feel
pumped up, ready to tackle any kind of work, even
housework. Sunshine points up the dust on the furniture,
the crumbs on the floor, the spots on the windows.
But, on a rainy day, there is nothing better than
sitting in front of the computer, and writing
several scenes in my latest book.

Something about the gray sky that says, to me anyway,
create. The dull atmosphere guarantees distraction
won't happen. In fact, something about the lack
of sunshine makes the computer screen enticing.

Today is that kind of day with gray skies, a drizzle of
liquid tapping against the glass. It's a day to
finish a chapter, revise the work in progress, outline
the idea cooking in the back of my mind.

Lots of studies have talked about the need people have
for sunshine. But for me, once in a while, a gray day
is a day to write, to imagine, to create.

"Simon's Brides" available in May '06
From Wings-Press, Inc.

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