Thursday, February 16, 2006

Katrina - What's left

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing.

Yesterday, we left south Alabama for a quick overnight
trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. An uneventful trip - until we
left the interstate. Then we could see the unbelievable
devastation. I've included several pictures which should
give you an idea of how bad it really was.

(This is what's left of the barge that housed part of the "Grand Casino")

(Another view of the barge that sat in the gulf for a dozen years)

I feel sorry for New Orleans. Their levies failed. But
in Biloxi, wind driven water came and swept away everything
in its path. Wind and water are deadly and these pictures tell
the story.

I talked to several employees working in the hotel who lived
there before the storm. They are rebuilding and staying. I
didn't have the heart to ask "why?"

The citizens of Mississippi Gulf Coast all say they will rebuild.
The rebuilding has begun and I wish them luck from the bottom
of my heart. This rebuilding will take years. Never in all
my life did I expect to see the kind of destruction I witnessed
yesterday and this morning. It has been described as a war zone.
I've never seen a war zone up close. I don't want to!
Especially if this is what it looks like.

The most pathetic thing I saw was the torn rags of someone's
curtains, sheets, maybe a dress, (you couldn't tell what it
had been) hanging from the limb of an old oak tree. I will never
forget that picture as long as I live. All I can do is pray the
Gulf Coast never has to endure that kind of storm again.

(I think this says it all)

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