Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Terrific Reminder!

Over the weekend I was reminded of something I knew and by sharing this information, I hope I can help someone else. I know it has already helped me.

Deep down in my subconscious, I probably had the information, but I just never had it pointed out so clearly as I did Saturday afternoon. I had the opportunity to listen to a counselor turned author who talked about making time for your writing. And boy, did some of her remarks hit home.

She pointed out anyone who has to accomplish a special project that isn’t getting finished, needs to assess the amount of time they spend doing things other than working on that project. She suggested keeping a journal and writing down what you spend time doing. I didn’t have to write anything down…. I knew!

As I thought about my typical day, I realized what I had been doing. Answering e-mail – constantly, running out to the kitchen for a bottle of water, a snack, standing at the refrig deciding what to have for dinner. Oh, a thousand ways to spend unproductive time.

When she talked about nesting jobs together, and planning ahead, I immediately thought about taking my snack and water to my office before I started to work, so I didn’t have to run to the kitchen every little bit. The part I think I liked best was to turn off your browser, so you aren’t tempted to go to your e-mail every little bit. I especially liked that one because I’m constantly checking e-mail.

Then there was her suggestion about setting goals. Okay, so I get remiss in that department too, but I always have an idea of what I want to get accomplished each day. It’s just that lately I’ve really had trouble meeting my goals. As I listened to her explaining what some of the best selling authors did, I realized I was setting my goals in the wrong way. I was planning just for the day. And, she was emphatic about putting everything down on paper, which I had never done.

Today I did just that. I wrote down what I needed to accomplish in the next year. Then, I divided the tasks into how much I’d need to complete each day to reach my goals. And surprise, surprise! It’s doable. Even with the interruptions that come with raising a family and maintaining a home.

So, if you’re like me, and struggling to get accomplished what you think you should be doing, think about looking at the big picture, write it down, and then consider what you have to do each day to reach that goal. I hope you’re as surprised as I was, when I realized I could complete planned projects with just a bit of effort on my part. Some of you may already have figured this out, but it was a revelation to me. So with my yearly and daily plan in hand, I’m willing to bet I’ll have my projects finished before the end of the year.

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