Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking at a Story honestly

I'm in the middle of my next WIP. But I had to stop writing.
I knew something was wrong, so I ran through the whole first
six chapters and discovered there was way too much in Chapter
three. I was rambling. The story wasn't going anywhere.
I brought in a character that served no purpose what so ever.
Bad, Bad, Bad!

Every character has to have a role, even if they only show up
in one scene. My character did nothing for the story, adding
nothing and took the tale no place. The character had to go!

As I read I realized that whole chapter needed a trimming,
big time. There was too much of nothing. Which leads me to
my point. If you write, even the simplist letter, ask yourself
what is the point, what am I trying to say. Describing a situation,
then stick to the situation. Writing about conflict, then take
out those unnecessary things. Stay with the subject.

Okay, it's not easy, but then what in life really is easy?
If you have an answer, let me know. Basically, I think we are
all just a wee bit lazy and looking for the easy way. I'll
admit I do, but after reflection, I deligently reread my chapters
and I'm now a happy camper. Back to "Windsong" without the extras.

Waiting for "Roses For My Lady"
coming the 7th of February
from Champagne Books.

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