Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet T.K. Toppin!

I mentioned I would be introducing you to T.K. Toppin, a new Science Fiction author who write with a touch of Romance. Here she is:


A Nominee for Champagne Books coveted "Novel of the Year" award.

Be sure to visit tomorrow when she blogs about why she decided to write Science Fiction

T.K. Toppin

I was born, raised, and live in Barbados and I can’t quite picture living anywhere else in this world.

My growing up years were all about loathing going to school, running wild on the beach, listening to far-fetched stories my brother created out of his imagination, watching TV, reading, and day-dreaming. You could say I was born to be a creative person, since I never quite ended up doing what I’d studied to be, which was management-level courses for the hospitality industry. I ended up being a graphic artist.

For twenty odd years, my life was all about creating ads, designing logos, and doing the odd calligraphy work. To think I used to love it that I lived and breathed it. I had such determined energy and hunger for the field I’d chosen to dedicate the rest of my life to. Can’t say the same thing now, since I groan to work each morning, bitching and griping about this that and the other. It’s a good thing I no longer have to drive to work. Can you imagine! Working for yourself has some perks, after all. But, to be honest, I’d rather be reclining and reproducing onto paper the unforgettable worlds I create in my head.

Maybe I’d always meant to write, after all, I used to write and scribble random thoughts and half-hearted stories throughout my childhood and adult life. (We won’t mention my fascination with pens, paper, and paints, etc). When I finally decided to just shut up and write, and write something good, I was truly amazed at how quickly the words just fell out of me. What I thought was impossible, became possible. And I haven’t been able to stop writing since then.

I’ve completed my first book, The Lancaster Rule, the first in a trilogy. Its sequel The Master Key is due out in July 2011, and the final book, The Eternal Knot is this close to being submitted. I’m also writing two other books, got another in the back of my mind, and well, who knows what else I can cook up. To top it off, this month, my publisher Champagne Books nominated my book for Novel of the Year 2010. I feel truly lucky.
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Ciara Gold said...

How fun to realize we share the same background, only backwards a bit. I teach art but now I'm also creating ads,etc for a local magazine. Something I thought I'd never do. However, I'd much rather be writing too. Well, I say that. I think I enjoy the diversity of what I do each day as opposed to doing only one thing. Best of luck on your nomination.

Angelica Hart and Zi said...

It was very nice getting to know you a little better. My goodness, you are prolific! So many little time!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Interesting background! All the best with the nomination.

TKToppin said...

Thank you all!
Ciara, I know what you mean regarding only doing one thing. I don't think I can ever do JUST one thing. If I'm not creating ads, or creating plots, I'm (shh, don't tell hubby) creating new way to cook boring chicken, or creating new tactics to avoid being cat-attacked in my living room.

Angelica and Zi, thank you. I hope to stay prolific for a while longer...a very long while after.

Rosemary, thank you too.
And thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. Much appreciated