Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some information from the past - Long past

As I work on the next 'Song' book, Heartsong, the
first, Battlesong, the second, now Windsong, I've
had to do a lot a research into life in the middle

We have little information about daily life,
although we can guess that without our electric
conveniences life was tough. A couple of misconceptions
need to be mentioned. Some of the castles had glass
windows. They were little, expensive and the glass was
wavy but they did have them. Also the walls of a castle
were often painted or whitewashed, so they weren't the
dark, drab places often depicted.

We do have some knowledge of their entertainment, again
from the tapestries, and certain celebrations were
passed down from generation to generation until today,
but we can only guess how much has changed over the

You can get an idea of how that might happen if you
ever played the game of telephone with your friends,
where one person whispers something to one other and
it's then passed around a group, until everyone has
heard something. Of course, it's never the same as
what has first whispered.

I'll be sharing more fascinating information from the
past over the next couple of weeks, so visit often.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch

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