Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday's Helpful Hint

I said we'd cover submissions to publishers today. But to explain everything, I'll break my word. I want to keep these hints short and concise. There a whole bunch of stuff to a submission. For an author without a list of other books to his/her name, you need to have a finished book before you begin the submission process.

First, there's your cover letter.  That's tells the editor or reader, because your manuscript might go first to a reader, who you are, what you've written, what is included in the submission and something about you.

So, let's start with that.  I'll get to the rest of the info in the next couple of Mondays.

It doesn't matter if this is an e-submission (going to an e-press and probably online) or if it's a print submission (which might be sent online). You still have to tell the reader what you've written. Check the guidelines (Usually there's a link to guidelines on the web page of the publisher. (Again, "e" or print)

Make sure they publish your genre. That's the only thing I did right with my first submission. At least Pocket published historical romance which was what I had written.

It's a good idea to keep the letter professional. Publishing is a business and you want the publisher to know you realize this. Don't compare yourself to another author (Yeh, I did that), don't mention how great people think you story is (I didn't do that), anything else you've written (Not your seven year diary - or your letter writing ability 'cause it wont count). If your education gives you more credibility, mention that. (I mentioned mine and it didn't have anything to do with writing romance. - I told you I did everything wrong.) Keep it short, to one page if possible and keep it professional. Make sure there are no typo's! (At least I didn't do that.)

In your letter you also need to give an approximate number of words in the novel and mention the book is complete. There is no rule that says when you mention each point. That depends on you.

But, your letter will give the publisher/reader his/her first impression of you. Keep that in mind as you write your cover letter.

Next Monday we'll talk about the manuscript part of the submission.

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