Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Journey

Fist and foremost - Happy Thanksgiving to All. I am especially thankful for this Thanksgiving because it may be my last one. Not a bad thought, really. It's bringing my kids here to see me, and I haven't seen them for years. As we say in the south, they live a 'fur piece' away. Our oldest will be here and that means movies and fun. They watch all the old shot 'em up western types, and I get to spend quiet time in our room reading!  Great!  Now I can visit with kids and also catch up on some time reading.

And more to be thankful for. Yesterday I typed the END to Lovesong. Now Edits, transfers to word and off to the editor. I will also say I'm sorry to see that family go. I learned to love them over the years. Silly I guess, but characters do seep into you somehow. I'll also say, I think this one has the best last couple of lines of any book I've written. And NO! I'm not telling what it is....

Spent the morning shopping. The major problem in my life right now is the cooking bit. Nope, my wonderful DH is not handy in the kitchen. He's great with doing dishes, and helping put stuff away, but the cooking part...  Canned soup, fried eggs and packaged salads. Much more and he just doesn't do it. So, I'm looking for foods that are already assembled and ready to cook. Frozen meals are just not very good. I don't know if the microwave changes stuff, but except for the veggies, the meals don't make it. Fortunately, more and more stores are assembling things ready to cook.  Our grocery story, Publix, has them. And today at Sam's I found a whole bunch of foods that require heat then serve.  DH can handle that.

Now I have to start the edits. The day wanes.  (Just getting in  the mood to move into the middle ages.)  Grinning!

Enjoy your Turkey if you are celebrating Thursday. Even if Thursday is not your official day to give thanks, stop for a few minutes and count your blessings. I sure will.



Runere McLain said...

Unless they're chefs, men are generally clueless in the kitchen. Teaching the grandsons to cook so they can at least survive during college. (They do surprisingly well, and the added bonus of not having to cook every meal while they're with us is rather nice, too! LOL)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, Allison! Be sure to have seconds of pumpkin pie!

Rita Bay said...

My DH says he can do anything. HA! If it's not in a can, he doesn't cook it. Fortunately, I like to cook. Bought TWO large pumpkins after Halloween ($1 each) and processed and gallon of cooked pumpkin which freezes very well. Looking forward to those pumpkin pies. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone!