Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Journey

I started this blog to help people going through what I'm going through. So far, it's been very easy sailing. But things are beginning to get a bit touchy. The hip pain is almost gone - completely - but I suspect it's because the pain under my left shoulder blade is really nasty. The nurses keep saying on a scale of one to ten. Unfortunately,  with each visit it gets a bit higher. I'm starting to grind my teeth with it, so it's getting up there.

My really good news is that DH got told he goes in tomorrow for a complete upper body scan. Now, we'll finally find out what's wrong with him. The will take some (probably most of my worry away.) When you have been together as long as we have, feeling the way we do about each other, my worries are about him and his worries are about me.

That's why I feel so sorry for people who have no partner as the end nears. You have no one to be considered for or with. Time to bow my head and give thanks for the partner I have.

Bending head, here.


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