Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Journey

We went to the grocery this am. Oldest son arrives tomorrow so we needed food.  He still likes to eat, even though his father and I don't eat nearly as much as we used to eat.  So, now I'm tired. Better term would be exhausted. I can only do  much any more.

Of course, I'm also worried sick about DH. He gets as tired as I do. He has to stop and rest and he's having trouble breathing too.  Sympathy pains? I've mentioned it before, but tomorrow, finally, he will see his doctor. I think he's worried enough that he'll tell all. I have a feeling he's never completely leveled with the doctor before. And of course, they are friends, so that makes it harder I guess.

So, maybe you could squeeze in a prayer or thought for him as well. We'll be in serious trouble if we both are sick with something nasty.

My thanks


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Liz Flaherty said...

Got some prayers coming for you both.