Friday, September 02, 2005


How does even an author describe the horror of
such a catastrophic event? First the fear that
you might suffer damage and then the relief when
what you have is minor. Then the guilt when
you see what others have suffered and are suffering.

Add to that the knowledge that for some the world
has come to an end and your soul cries. No other
way to say it.

We were blessed. A few trees and few shingles but
we have our house and more especially our lives.
Many have lost everything and part of their families
as well.

Today is a day for assessment. What can we do?
Ask yourself, what can I do? Then do it!

Commit and then follow through. I can hear my better
half saying, stop the teaching. Can't help it. I
was in the business too long. One thing everyone
can do is pray. No matter what religion, prayer is
something everyone can do. It's another thing I'll
do, for there are friends who have great needs and
friends we haven't heard from, so we pray.

With 'Simon's Brides' coming
May '06 from Wings-press.

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fin said...

I'm sick of hurricanes.