Saturday, September 17, 2005

Life Without the Internet

Ever wonder what you'd do without the internet? I don't
mean losing the computer completely, I mean losing the
ability to communicate via the world wide web.

Well, I found out - the hard way. Everything stops. And,
in trying to fix what's wrong the frustration begins to mount.
My husband and I were on edge. What went wrong? One day we
were fine, the next, no connection. Then an occasional connection
then nothing.

Of course we had Katrina's visit and that knocked all electricity
out for almost a week, but things came back and we had our
computers and the internet. Then suddenly, the computers were
operational, but no internet connection.

And, God love the Indians who are trying to understand our expressions,
but communicating with someone whose first language is not English is
not easy. I didn't understand them. They didn't understand me.

Then, my brilliant husband (I've already said he was a genius) figured
it out. The line to the internet was on the outside of the building.
Not good! Especially with 100 mile an hour winds wiping around the
house. The wires to the DSL lines had crossed and shorted out.

Now, we are back on line, and the DSL lines are in the house, where
they belong. So, I can get back to computer things and writing as well
as all the other things that require the use of the internet.
That list boggles the mind.

"Simon's Brides" coming in May of '06
from Wings ePress, Inc.

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