Sunday, September 18, 2005

What If

Ever wonder what goes through an author's mind
during the initial stages of a book? Just what
kind of a thought process creates a mean tyrant,
a mushy mother, an innocent sales clerk?

Nope, we aren't crazy - although, a few people have
suggested that we must be. No, we've learned to let
our imaginations run wild. To quick start the activity,
an author asks what is probably his/her most important
question - "What if?"

It doesn't matter if we are consumed with curiosity
about the civil war or the automobile industry, Las
Vegas, or the mountains of Germany. The question
'what if' usually begins the work of creation. (It
is work!) Perhaps Leonardo da Vinci travel the same
questioning route.

That query, 'what if' is critical. From it springs the
craziness some accuse us of possessing. It doesn't matter
if the author answers the question piecemeal at the computer
or if he/she takes pen and paper and outlines the answer.
It all begins with that simply question.

With my latest book, the question became 'What if' - a bachelor,
found himself the guardian of five women?

Interested in writing? Want to give it a try? Then ask yourself
"What If?"

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1 comment:

Candice Gilmer said...

Allison, you present a great question. And you're right, it all starts out as a "what if," doesn't it?

I'm in that very stage of writing a new book myself, so reading your blog today made me feel great. After all, it's nice to know that I'm thinking in the right direction...

Now, if I could just get published. :)