Thursday, September 22, 2005

This time it's TEXAS

They always say, things are bigger in Texas,
but I think this is carrying it a bit too far.

I asked my husband what we do when we run out
of names for these storms this year and he told
me we go Alpha, Beta, etc. I have a feeling some
of us might be learning a bit of the Greek
language. This is the end of September, and
already we are at 'R'. We have two more months to go.

I have to smile as I hear people mentioning global
warming as the cause of our weather. Not true. I
taught science for years and I also read a lot of
history. In writing historicals you need some
idea of the weather during your time period. Most
people don't know that in the middle ages there was a
mini ice-age. We don't have enough information on
our climate to say with any authority that we have
global warming - despite the doom sayers.

In fact, I just read that the sun has gotten hotter over
the last several years. Combine that with the 20-30 year
natural warming cycle of the oceans and you can explain
the increase in severe weather. Who's to say this
hasn't all happened before? We know the magnetic polarity
has changed a couple of times. That also blows people
away. So why can't the sun warm and cool a bit as it
moves through the heavens?

Unfortunately, recorded history doesn't go back far enough
to answer all our questions.

In the meantime, I ache for the coastal residents of Texas.
Their best hope is that millions of prayers bombard Heaven.
Maybe Rita will just fizzle out!

Allison, taking a break from the Gothic to watch the weather.
Watch for "Simon's Brides" coming from Wings Press, May '06

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