Saturday, October 15, 2005

Perfect weather

Once in a while, I have to stop and remember
why we moved south. Today is the kind of day
when I know why. The sun is shinning,
the temperature is in the seventies, blue skies
reign. It's a perfect day.

North of the Mason Dixon line (those with a
limited knowledge of history might not know what
that is) the weather is not nearly as nice
this time of the year. And the further north
you go, the uglier the weather gets. Cold,
blustery, gray skies and a hint of the storms
to come.

Of course, not everyone agrees with me. My daughter
for example, loves snow. We don't have snow! At
least, not usually. And if it does sprinkle a bit
of white stuff here and there, it never stays around.
Too warm.

I guess I'm one of those persons who needs the sun
to get anything accomplished. Like - washing
windows. (yep! today I washed windows) I also
have been working on the Gothic. Three or four more
chapters and the villian will get caught, the
heroine saved and a happy ending for hero and heroine.
So, with the windows clean, I can now return to the

Look for 'Simon's Brides' available May of '06 from
Wings-Press, Inc.

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