Friday, October 21, 2005

Thinking about the Holidays

I just carved a pumkin to decorate for Halloween
and I started thinking about the holidays.
Once again, we'll have Halloween, then
Thanksgiving and finally Christams. We no
longer do New Year's Eve. Too wild
on the roadways.

Another year to think about gifts and if I really
want to try a pecan pie this year. There's a
recipe I've always wanted to make - maybe this

Of course, the holidays mean cooking. We make
cookies and candies and distribute plates to
neighbors and friends. I have special cookies
recipes that I've had before I married that I make
ever year. This year will be no different. Of
course there's candy. Here is the south, we have
pecans and peanuts, so that means fudge and peanut
brittle. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

And, do we go for a natural tree this year, or buy
an artificial one? Decisions, decisions! A fun time
of year, a time I look forward to. Unfortunately,
it also means the writing slows a bit. Too many
other things to do. So now, I must get back
to the Gothic. A couple more weeks and I'll be
ready for rewrites, then I'll tuck the manuscript
away until after the holidays. It never hurts to
let your masterpiece 'rest' for a time. You'd be
surprised how many mistakes you find after you've
been away from a project for a while.

So, back to my endangered heroine in my current novel.

With "Simon's Brides" available
from Wings-Press, Inc. in May '06

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