Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Oh! The hated word - rejection!

For every author I know, that word can
be guaranteed to create depression. But,
despite the results, rejection is a fact
of every author's life. No matter how
good you are, or become, some time in your
writing career, you have had to face rejection.

The need to write is often coupled with a sensitive
soul. I think that's why rejection hurts so much.
The literary world resounds with stories about how
rejected authors go one to sell the rejected work,
and score big.

My first rejections hurt terribly. I suffered
for days after that first letter. And, I kept
getting rejected, over and over. I had to learn
to write. Oh, I could put words on paper, but
developing characters, voice, point of view were
all a foreign language to me. Like so many
before me, my first attempt was eventually purchased
by one of the publishers who first rejected me.

Yes, publishing is a strange world. What one editor
may hate, another may love. I'm beginning to think
it has a lot to do with how the editor feels the day
he or she opens your offering. If that editor feels
good, hasn't fought with a mate, managed to get to
work without fighting too much traffic, hasn't been
scolded by the editor in chief, or any one of a thousand
reasons, then he/she may view your manuscript favorably.
So, part of getting published has a lot to do with luck.

I'm convinced!

Watch for 'Simon's Brides' available
in May '06 from Wings Press,Inc.

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