Sunday, November 13, 2005

Veterans' Day

When I was much younger (now I'm going to reveal my age)
I remember when we went to war against Germany and Japan.
There was a reason, a darn good one. We didn't want
Hitler or the Japanese taking over our country and destroying
our freedoms. Friday we honored all of those men and women
who fought in that war. We also remembered all the men and women
who have left their homes, upset their lives, in some cases
shedding their life's blood in the battles since World War II so
individuals like me can pursue careers and enjoy the freedom
to do and say what we want as long as no one suffers from
our pursuits.

So to all Veterans, a belated thank you from me.

With Veterans' Day celebrations behind us, we prepare
for our own Thanksgiving Day. How appropriate that we thank
our Veterans and then celebrate our personal Thanksgivings.
And, how much we have to be thankful for.

Okay, yes, I'm patriotic.

I can't imagine living in any other country. Europe may
have castles and long histories, but they can't compete
with our life style. The far East, the Middle East, even
South America don't have the freedoms we enjoy. Just think
of all our inventions, those things we take for granted.
Yes, I am patriotic. I love my country, I love what we
stand for, what we have, what anyone of us can become with
work and a bit of luck (which you can sometimes make).

We have all of this because of the men and women who were
willing to go to war to preserve our rights and freedoms.

Enough said.

I'll get off my soap box and go back to my Western - which
I probably couldn't write or publish living anywhere but here.

Look for 'Simon's Brides' coming
in May '06 from Wings Press.

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Bernita said...

My God.
I've finally found someone in the Blogverse who's older than I am.
But back to the real subject,thank you for your post.