Monday, November 28, 2005

Reading and Writing

No, I'm not talking about the skills learned
in school - I talking about reading while you
as the author are writing. People ask all the
time, how do you know that you aren't accidentally
'borrowing' phrases from what you are reading when
you write?

Now, that is a good question. As a writer it's
something I used to worry about, but not any more.

"Why?" you ask.

Because I've found my voice.

"You found what?" you say.

My voice is the me that comes out of my mind and
onto the page. It's the way I use words,
the expressions I use, the way I have my characters
talk to each other. When I first started writing
I signed up to take a writing course. One of the
exercises was to take a scene from a book of a favorite
author and rewrite it.

I did that, and found the words I used were different.
My dialogue held no resemblance to hers. I saw the
characters a lot differently than she did. As I have
continued to write, (and grow I hope,)my voice has
become my own. I like the way I sound on
paper. That's me, the writing me and I don't worry
about sounding like other authors. Reading no longer
concerns me.

I found one thing about reading now that I'm an author.
I don't read for enjoyment - at least not like I use to.
Now my reading is a study. I read and look for new trends, see
what limits are being toyed with, what publisher is buying
what period.

So, if you are trying to write, take a favorite author, rewrite
a scene in your own words. Then compare yours with
the author. Try another, and another. You'll find
your voice. Guaranteed!

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