Thursday, January 19, 2006


I grew up with pets. Our children grew up with pets. But when
the children left home to do their thing, we didn't bother with
more pets. We enjoyed our "freedom". After we retired, we
stated unequivocally - "no more pets".

Then we inherited "THE CAT".

Why is it the when family members can't care
for a pet they turned to their parents?

Okay, so now we have "THE CAT".

And, what a change he has made.
We no longer think about taking long trips.
We can't take "THE CAT" so we don't go.
Overnight we can manage but nothing longer than that.

Why? You ask.

Because we don't want to leave the beast for more than overnight.
The animal provides entertainment. He's something to be concerned
about; as a friend said, he's something to make getting up every
morning a necessity. He has become an integral part of our lives.
He does entertain us. He loves to play,(Yes this is a cat) His
favorite game is playing catch. We throw one of his stuffed mice
and he goes after it, then brings it back to be thrown again.
He also demands attention, rubbing up against us, meowing up a storm.
He's an excellent alarm clock, arriving at the bedroom door meowing
his head off at 5:30 every morning.

He is of course, like most cats, very independent. Occasionally,
he'll relent and climb into your lap for more rubs. However,
it's always on his time.

When I was in rehab after the knee surgery, the cutest little scotch
terrier arrived and he skipped around greeting some of the patients.
I couldn't believe it. A dog in a hospital? I commented that perhaps
my husband could bring "The Cat" in to see me.

The nurse asked, her expression sober, "Is he certified?"

I asked a friend who has dogs and she explained that some well
behaved dogs were being used as therapy. I don't doubt it.
"The Cat" has made a difference for us.

Not everyone likes cats, but those who do should have one. If cats are not
your thing, then a dog might be the pet for you. Despite the "inheritance"
we are delighted with "The Cat". He has added to our lives.

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michelcollins8649 said...
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Annalee Blysse said...

I read over your blog and found it inquisitive too. ;) I'm not selling stock though. I was thinking about pets and how important they are to us too. Just posted some pics of puppies that meant a lot to my family recently.

Marianna said...

Awwww your kitty so cute! LOL I have two cats right now... craziest things on the planet.... Drive me up the wall,but I can't imagine a day without them!

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