Sunday, January 01, 2006

Beginning 2006

Another year!

But, 2006 means a great deal to me. This is the year
to finish at least four books I have in process. Nope,
not a resolution. I quit those years ago. It's too easy to
give up when you slip. No, this year I'm setting goals.

I used to teach goal setting and now I'm going to take a note
from my old lesson plans. My first goal is to complete the
edit of my historical western romance. I'm in the middle, and
if I do a bit more than chapter a week, I'll be finished before
the end of February. So the first goal: Finished the edits on
the western by the end of February.

Then there's that gothic. The outline is finished, the book is
three quarters complete, (at least the first time around). I also
have a contemporary that is only in the very first stages, an outline
and the first three chapters. Time to start on that. Once I've
finished the gothic, I'll lay it aside to edit in the fall and work
on the contemporary.

So, second goal - finished the first writing of the Gothic. I should
have that completed by the end of April. Then the contemporary.
It's short, but there's a lot to do and I'm never sure where the
characters will take me, so my third goal - finish the contemporary
by the end of September.

The fourth goal is to begin writing the new book that has been running
around in my head for weeks now. I have the characters, the outline,
the conflict. It's time to write.

Okay, I've written down my goals. That's the first step. Next December
we'll find out how well I did.

As ever,

Watch for "Simon's Brides" coming
from Wings Press in May of this year!!!

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