Sunday, March 12, 2006


I just heard that Avon Publishers is also going to start
publishing erotica.

Now for those of you who enjoy reading or writing it, I
guess you have the right. However, I don't enjoy reading
it. I certainly won't be writing it, so I guess the publishing
industry is going to leave me behind.

Whatever happened to the love story where boy meets girl,
they fall in love, fall into bed, either before or after
declaring their love?

I've missed something here, that's for sure. Plotless tales
about people jumping into and out of someone's bed is not
my idea of entertainment. This may be because I also think
a love story should be that, a love story with a positive
description of people expressing that love. Nothing kinky,
just good old-fashioned lovemaking.

So, it seems I'm behind times. And guess what? I have no
intention of catching up. Everything comes back around.
In a few years, or in a few decades (lord I hope not) the
good old-fashioned love story will be back in vogue. In
the meantime, I'm writing what I like to read. You guessed
it - A good old-fashioned love story. Boy meets girl, they
fall in love despite their conflicts, Somewhere in the story
they declare their feelings. They make love because they are
in love whether they admit it or not.

Watch for Simon's Brides (A good old-fashioned Love Story)
Coming in May from Wings-ePress, Inc.



Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

There's erotica and there's erotic romance. Basically they're different. In erotic romance, it is a boy meets girl romance but with fewer restrictions on how, when, and where they make love, and it has a happy ending. Sometimes they have sex before they fall in love. It's difficult to write--I know because I wrote one, and it was incredibly difficult. I probably won't try it again anytime soon, either. My next book will probably be a cozy mystery with the door shut whenever my newlywed detective and his wife make love. What a relief that will be. The key is that those who write erotic romance and do it well will certainly have an audience.

On the other hand, my mother who's 83 years old doesn't care for what she calls "too much detail" in the romances she reads, and that's okay too. There are enough writers still writing traditional romances, so she won't run out of reading material for a long time.

I think publishing houses are about making money. There's money to be made in publishing erotic romance. It doesn't mean they'll stop publishing their other lines unless people stop buying them. It just depends on the bottom line.

Kim said...

The current push towards erotica is the extreme.
I think that the trend will swing back to yes, more heated romance, but not the over the top, making out like rabbits stuff that is now being written.
Overall, I think a good, solid, fresh story beats all.