Friday, April 21, 2006

Edits and then there are edits

I just finished two edits. The gothic is finished,
complete, fini! NO! In writing, nothing is finished,
until every word has been checked, every phrase
considered, every movement verified. That's
the author's responsibility, to make the work
as letter perfect as possible - - the first edit.

However, after you have submitted the piece, your
editor returns it to you with her/his comments. I
don't mind saying I have a great editor. She catches
the darnest things. But, unfortunately, the editor
shouldn't have to do much editing. Not if you've
done your job.

I really hate the parentheses surrounding NOW
Means I've blown it. That's the
other kind of edit, the one where the editor says,
kindly, or unkindly, this isn't going to work.
Simple spelling mistakes, the wrong verb tense,
those things you should catch. (however, we
often don't) But it's the scene changing, or
attitude changes that bother me the most.

What it says to me is I didn't, as the author, do as
good a job with the story as I should have. In
any other occupation it would be called inconsistency.
(Or - to be less kind - sloppy).

We'll see how the gothic fares. Good, I hope. I spent
a lot of time doing the first and second edits.

Of course, there brings forth the question, how many
times do you have to edit?

The answer will disgust some, have others shaking their heads.
How many times? ---- As many times as it takes.

Today we start anew - - another novel while we wait on the
answers about others. Rejection will be the next topic
for discussion.

Simon's Brides, a historical romance
to be release May 1006 from Wings Press, Inc.

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