Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Simon's Brides

It's out now. This makes book ten,
and I can honestly say this is the second
cover I've really fallen in love with. My
third book had a great cover for the time.
Now, this book has a terrific cover - at
least I think so.

Covers are important selling tools for writers.
However, what most people don't understand is that
authors simply don't have a lot of say in what
goes on the front of a book. We can suggest, send
examples, explain what we would like to see, but
in the end, the graphic art department has the final

I do know that my fourth cover turned a lot of
potential buyers off. It didn't really tell much
about the book. The cover was dull by the standards
of the time.

I've heard and also read about some covers that
have actually made authors heartsick, they were so
far off the mark. In that regard, I've been very
lucky. I've never had a cover that made me ill.
I've had a couple I liked more than others, but none of
them have been that far from the contents of
the book. And, my cover heroines have always been
close to what I describe in the book.

So, as you can guess, this cover pictures the back
of a Bride, but then in 'Simon's Brides' we have
five potential brides. I'm not giving away the story,
but I will say that I've only told the story of one of
the five and hinted at a second. That means that I
have three more stories to tell.

Caro may be the most difficult. She's tall, almost six
foot and she's horse-mad. (A real problem for a woman in the
nineteenth century.) But, she's a lovely lady and I know
I'm going to enjoy getting her into a lot of trouble.
I just haven't decided what all will happen to my tall
'drink of water'. And, I'll have to work on finding
her a perfect mate. In fact, I need to work on that next.

So, Caro, behave! I'm looking for someone just for you.


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Paul said...

I'm very happy for your success, and very, very proud. The best of luck with book 11...


Anonymous said...

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