Saturday, May 20, 2006

Web Pages

What does a web page have to do with writing and
why on earth am I putting the info on my blog???

Because I'm weary, my back hurts and my eyes feel
like they are ready to fall out. I've just got
the updated web page up.

Why a web page??

Authors need web pages. This is how we communicate
with our readers.

I'm coming to really respect Web designers. They
do have a tough job. Just trying to link everything
together gives me a headache. But, I do prefer to
do my own web pages. I like to have complete
control over what goes in and on those pages.
Web pages need frequent updates, changes, and if
I had to relie on someone else, I have a feeling
I'd spend more time instructing and e-mailing info
back and forth than I spend building my own pages.

But, the job is finished for the next several months,
except, of course, for updates, and any changes that
have to be made. Yahoo!

Now I can concentrate on my next book. The Gothic
is on the editor's desk waiting for an okay or a
rejection, I've sold one of the books of my heart,
to Champagne Books of Canada. So poor Carolyn will
have to wait. I'm rewriting a medieval.

Book characters are known to insist their stories be
told. The characters in the medieval are keeping me
awake at night. They are insistant. So, it's back in
time to England and Edward the first, and the battles
between the Welsh and the English.

Don't worry guys. I'll have plenty of time now to
tell your tale.

Off to 13th century England.


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