Thursday, June 01, 2006

What a Month!

May was a terrific month. I sold one of the books
of my heart to the Canadian Publisher, Champagne Books,
and now Wings Press, Inc. has purchased the Gothic,
TOO LATE TO SCREAM! Love the title. Liked the story
too. (But then I wrote it) Nothing like breaking
your arm to pat yourself on the back.

Now, I'm hard at work on the medieval. A bit of
information to pass along. Rewriting a book already
written 'ain't' fun. In fact, much of what was
on paper before is now in the trash bin. It just
wasn't good at all. Oh, maybe it wasn't bad, it
just wasn't good enough.

So, what in essence you must do, is write the story
all over again. I cut and pasted part of chapter two,
and I really should have just rewritten the whole thing,
which is what I have to do now.

That's where a good critique partner comes in. He or
she can pick up on added bits. Unfortunately, or maybe
fortunately, mine did. So, back to the keyboard.
I'll throw out most of chapter two and start over.

Lesson to learn for the future. Don't try to rewrite
an old story. Take the plot and even the characters and
just start over.

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