Saturday, August 12, 2006

Writers' block

Now and again it happens. The words don't flow.
Then, what do you do?

I've been asked that before, and I don't have a
satisfactory answer. I know what helps me and
yes, occasionally the words stop. I've tried several
different schemes. I have at least four books
in progress, sometimes more, and when I reach a
point in one novel where the words won't come, then
I will sometimes go to another book.

Because I've found this works well for me, I have
a folder for each work-in-progress. In the folder I
have a character chart, an interview form for each character
as well as a plot chart. If one book isn't working, I open
another folder, catch up on that story and work on it.

If I have to finish the book on which I'm working
because of a deadline, either personal or publisher,
then I have to employ another technique. Reading
helps. I leave the computer and go to my 'books to
read shelf', or grab a book I'm already reading (yep,
I'm reading all the time). If I'm working on a historical,
like the medieval I'm working on now, I'll read contemporary
romance. If I'm working on a contemporary, I'll read
historical romance. If I'm working on something else,
I have an assortment of biographies, self-help books,
mysteries that I can indulge in for a time. I only read
for a little while. When I go back to the computer, the
problem is usually solved.

However, if all else fails, then I grab my needlecraft, (I knit
and crochet). Because the action of knitting or crocheting
is repetitive, my mind can wander. It doesn't take long
before I'm bored with the needlecraft project and the computer

As I said, this works for me. I know authors who sit at the
keyboard and just let their fingers type anything that comes
to mind. Others leave their office completely and wait for
another day. Some indulge in going for a walk, go shopping, or
the ever soothing chocolate. Whatever works.

Writers' block is like being rejected. It happens in this
business. You can expect it. You learn to deal with it
and you move on.

I'm moving on to the medieval.


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