Sunday, October 08, 2006

A New Cover - a new book

I'm delighted to be able to say my next Gothic is
coming much sooner than I expected. It will be out
in November instead of the May 2007 release date,

Today, I'm posting the cover of TOO LATE TO SCREAM!

Book covers are, to an author, a blessing - or
a curse! Believe me, I've had bad covers. No names
please. I've also heard authors bemoan lousy covers.
And, yes, bad book covers defintely affect book sales.
A bad cover, something that doesn't look good, or
has nothing to do with what's inside the book, makes
for poor sales. A good book cover promotes. It helps
big time. And the reverse is just as true.

So, I have to praise my current cover artist. She is
absolutely sensational!!! SIMON'S BRIDES was fantastic
and now TOO LATE TO SCREAM is just as perfect.

I'll be the first to admit my ability to describe
what I'd like to see in the book cover is nill. I just
don't have the kind of creative mind to envision something
spectacular. Thank goodness she does. She reads my
comments, looks at the story line and comes up with
something I couldn't have pictured myself, not in a
hundred years, and yet - it is perfect!

So without further ado - And with a great deal of pride...

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