Saturday, September 30, 2006

This and that

I was tempted to spend a few minutes yelling about acid reflux disease,
but in retrospect, the problem was all of my own making. Don't take
the right meds and bingo! Instead, I'm going to spend the time
contemplating the value of age.

First, as I've grown older, my prospective changed. I have more
experience - at least I hope I do. I know I've learned a
lot about life. There are those things about which I now know
I can do nothing. I've also learned there are a lot of things
I should do something about, but human nature being what it is,
I don't always accomplish what I set out to do.

I've learned friends, good friends, are important, and nurturing
them is something you must do. I've learned it's important
to listen. They usually have great things to say.

I've learned I can do a lot of things I never would have dreamed
of, years ago. Computers terrify some people. Despite the problems
I have with my computer, I think they're wonderful. I love the
internet, love the ability read, write, gain more experiences, to
go looking for facts from all over the world. I've even found
the access to an early newspaper describing the destruction after
the great fire of London. Way back then!

What has all this to do with writing? I've learned that writing is
as much an obsession for me as eating and drinking are for some poor
souls. I have to write. Does that make me a great writer? Nope!
I've had to learn to write. Now, I'm comfortable showing my stories.
Do I still need help? You bet I do. I constantly find myself referring
to others who are better, more successful, more eloquent. I read,
and read, and read. I have to see how others write, how they develop
their plot and why it appeals to me. Copy? Not a chance. Trying to say it differently, appeal to another emotion, draw the scene from a different
point of view, are what I do as I read fiction.

But, back to my original premise.

Age has added immeasurably to my experiences. Reflection, because
I've had those experiences, gives me a chance to express myself in a
better way, a way I can only hope will give me a chance to improve.
Improving is the name of the game. Growing older gracefully and
getting better and better.

C'est la vie!


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