Monday, November 13, 2006

Blogging and Editing

Okay! I've discovered I can't do both. Bloggin had to
wait because all writing energy had to go into the editing
process. But I'm done now, and all the pecans are cracked
and shelled, (I live in the deep south - and boy do we
have pecans this year - Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving). Anyway
back to the blog.

I'm ready to start another book. The question is - which one and
how do I decide. I have plots running out of my cabinets, off
my desk, written on small pieces of paper tucked here and there.
So which one? On the way to a relative's funeral I saw the
perfect house for another gothic. Okay - we could work on that,
but I just did a gothic. I also finished the medieval, so I don't
want to work in that time period. The book I edited was late
1800's so I don't want to go there. I have a regency time
period that I've started. I could work on that. However,
one of the sisters in "Simon's Brides" is throwing a fit.
She wants her story told.

The plot for her book needs serious work. The initial plot
for 19th century England won't work ------

Ladies didn't travel without chaparones and she wants to go
riding around the country by herself. Can't do that! Okay,
we'll work on that and the web page. All my neat news is
going on the new web page, including a fabulous new cover.
So, plans made, lets begin.

Caro, quit yelling. I'm going to tell your story.
(And if you don't believe the characters talk to you, then
you aren't a fiction writer!)


TOO LATE TO SCREAM, a tradition Gothic,
available now from and
HEAL MY HURTING HEART, a historical romance
which will be out in the spring from Champagne Books.

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