Thursday, November 16, 2006

'Tis the season

Okay, so I started with Tis the season, but it's
not what you think. I'm not thinking about Thanksgiving,
or Christmas, or even preparing for those two

I'm thinking about the weather. And what gray dreary
skies can do to your creativity. Me, I'm a sunny day
kind of person. With the sun high in the sky, my creative
juices flow with almost no trouble. However, with
winter closing in fast, and even though I'm in the south,
we do have cloudy, sunless days. On those days I want
to crawl up in my chair and read a book. Writing,
creating becomes a struggle. That's where planning comes
into the whole process. If you keep a calendar, set goals
and outline what you expect to accomplish on any given day
you force yourself to sit at the computer and get the
work done. Especially if your write it down. (At least
it works for me) Right now, the updated web page is my goal.
I have several more pages to complete and then it will go
up, in time for Christmas.

Next I plan to work on book trailers, the newest selling
tool for an author. I have a Gothic that's just been
released and a historical romance coming soon. I've decided
I need to have trailers for those books. Of course (a big
grin here) I have absolute no idea how to do it, but I'll
learn. Gray skies and dark clouds can't be allowed to
affect the creative process.

Over the course of my life, I'd had to learn new things
continually, weather or no. In fact, most of us have had
to do the same, so here is another instance where I need
to learn something new and different. I'll keep you posted.

If it's like learning to do web pages, I will probably get
frustrated as all get out before I'm done, but I'll learn.
If others can do this, then so can I. Wish me luck.

Watch for the publication
of "Heal My Hurting Heart" from
Champange Books.
Available now - "Too Late To Scream"
(A traditional Gothic) From Wings Press.

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