Thursday, February 08, 2007

The horrible-wonderful world of technology

Today I learned another important lesson. Record
every e-mail address you use and which account uses
what address. I haven't blogged for a month because
I used the wrong address to access the account. I
didn't write it down!!!

It was much easier when there was no Internet.
Oh, granted, a lot slower, infinitely less complicated,
and contacts were only local, like the people next
door. If you wanted to order something through the
mail it took weeks to get it, and if it was the wrong
color, didn't fit, wasn't what you wanted, you had to
return it which took even more time.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Internet and what I
can do with it. More and more companies are turning
to e-trade. Day before yesterday I needed something,
and I really didn't have the time to trail all over the
county looking for it. I went on line, found it, ordered it
and picked it up yesterday morning. I saved myself hours
of travel, and gas money as well.

e-Trade must be good because my industry, the book
industry, is looking seriously at publishing e-books. More
and more of the major publishers are beginning to offer
best sellers in e-book format.

I'm not surprised. I watched my students when I taught
school, I watched my granddaughters as they developed,
and these children latched on to the computer like we
did Saturday afternoon matinees at local theaters.
I don't think I'm wrong. My grandchildren and great
grandchildren and on and on, will read most of their
information from the Internet or from personal reading
devices. And I love it.

So, help me celebrate read an e-Book Week, March 4 - 10.
Visit an e-Book publisher. Yes, I'd love for it to be one
of mine, but your choice. Then read an e-book. You might
find that you love it. Don't know much about e-books?
Then visit my web page. I explain all about it. If you have
a lap top, a computer, a PDA, a cell phone with download
capabilities, or even an e-book reader, your almost ready
to go. And of course if you read romance, there is always
my latest, out the first of February.

"Heal My Hurting Heart" is available from

So - join in the celebration. You might love it!


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