Sunday, March 04, 2007

Getting Organized

Ever look in file cabinet drawer, the one you don't
open often and discover there's stuff in there you'll
never use? I have one cabinet strictly for research.
This is the two drawer cabinet I opened, of course,
looking for something.

Now I have the time consuming task of organizing my
research. Why, you ask. Simple ... You guessed it.
I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Now, I get to spend the rest of this day and probably
part of tomorrow trying to figure out why I saved
information on something about which I'll never write,
at least not in this lifetime.

Lesson one, think seriously before you label a
folder and stuff that bit of information into it.
Much of what I saved I won't ever need.

Lesson two, search engines are wonderful. It's
absolutely amazing what you can find on the
internet, if you use the advanced search options.
There are maps available, (I have three folders
full of old maps - all of which I found on the net),
old newspapers, not to mention all the common bits
and pieces a historical author might need. (The
peerage charts of England for example - I found
five of those - all duplicates.)

So, I'm off to organize a file drawer. With any luck
I'll find what I starting looking for when I
discovered more than I ever wanted to know.

It's all about romance!
"Heal My Hurting Heart" a western
romance set in Colorado during the
year of the "great die-up". (That's
also on the net)

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