Sunday, March 25, 2007

Writing Conferences

This is the week to prepare. I'm going to a writers' conference.
So - why prepare?

Good question - I say to myself. But,a writers' conferences is
about as important as the hours you spent checking the markets,
reading what new and different, checking the publishing companies
and the new, or promoted editors. It counts!

Conferences are a writer's chance to sit down one on one with
multi-published authors, talk to editors, discover any new trends
in publishing, and to promote.

I have books online. I want to sell more books, so promotion is
the name of the game, at least for me. I need to think about looking
professional, gathering promo materials, have notes available on
what I'm presently working. In other words, be prepared -
(sounds like the boy scouts) to sell myself. Off to put a pomotional
package together.

I'll comment on the conference when I get back.

It's all about romance - "Heal My Hurting Heart"
now available from Champagne Books.

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