Friday, April 27, 2007

Losing Weight

Over the last two years, I've lost a lot of weight.
It was my intention to lose 90 pounds. And yes, I
did it, slowly. I finally found something that
worked well for me.

But I've also discovered something I gave no thought
to when I decided I had to lose the fat. Very
quickly, it became evident a new wardrobe was a
necessity. Even my shoes didn't fit. Instead of
sitting at the computer working on my latest novel,
I found myself rummaging in local stores to find
articles on sale, because I wasn't finished losing

I'm now where I want to be. I have gone through three
wardrobes, and my shoes still don't fit. My advice to
anyone thinking about a massive weight reduction, set
aside what you would have spent on snacks and goodies
so you have money for clothes.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm delighted with my new shape.
I haven't been at my current weight since my first year
of college. And I feel good, which was why I lost the
weight in the first place. I also love my new wardrobe.
Then there are the people who gave you a second stare,
people who know they know you, but can't place you. That
just might be the biggest thrill of all. However, my
writing has suffered, because I've been out shopping
when I should have been writing.

I'll get back in the swing of things, now that I have
clothes to wear. (grinning as I begin a new book)

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