Saturday, April 21, 2007

An Author's voice

One of the attributes which makes an author special
is the author's voice. This for me was a lot like
point of view. I had no idea what how-to books meant
when they mentioned 'author's voice'.

Just like POV (Point of view), I could quote the
definition, but I had no contempt of the meaning.

One day at the computer, I looked at what I had
written, decided to read the paragraph out loud
and gulped, literally. That didn't sound like me
at all. Suddenly, like the proverbial light bulb, it
hit me. If what you write doesn't sound like you,
then you are not being true to your 'author's voice'.

My suggestion, if you like me, are not certain what
is meant by voice, read what you've written out loud.
If it doesn't sound like you, if you stumble over the
words and they don't come easily, then you are not being
true to your own, unique voice.

For me it worked. In a day or two, I'll tackle
POV, because I figured that one out too!

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