Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conference Time

As a member of a local RWA chapter, I'm deeply involved
in our conference taking place next April. Why bother
talking about it? Because conferences are about the
only way an author can take time out and communicate
with other authors. It's called networking!

Writing conferences take place around the country,
at all times of the year. And not just for romance.
Epic, the organization for Electronically published
authors will take place in March. Various RWA chapters
have conferences the year round, a big one occurs in
Atlanta in October. But mystery writers get together,
Science Fiction writers meet and I'm certain other
writing groups find time to network with each other.

Again, why? Well, at a conference, an author gets to
talk to others in their field. Industry news is passed
around, editors and agents talk, and often will meet with
authors. Seminars, learning sessions, talks about
improving your craft are also a part of a good conference.

I'm looking forward to helping plan ours. If you'd like
a vacation on the gulf, you might want to take a peak
at what we're offering.

'It's all about Romance'

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