Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is worse than housework!

Oh, boy. It's that time again. Have you noticed
that with Windows XP, instead of a blue screen
(shades of Windows 98) now you get a little box
which says 'Gee, we're sorry, but something went
wrong and although we apologize, we have to close
this program.'

It's happening more and more with my computer.
And everyone knows what that means. I either have
to trash the box, or recover the hard drive. (Sigh)
I like XP, my programs and peripherals run with XP,
so between my husband and I, we reached an almost
happy conclusion. I get the computer he built
for himself last year and he buys the new one with
Windows Vista. (He can work out the kinks.) His old
one has XP, so I'm almost a happy camper.

Now, I have to save everything and then reload
everything. Oh, boy. What this will do to my
writing schedule.

Okay - Computer Spring Cleaning.

Back to the save this and delete that.

'It's all about Romance'

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