Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Fourth

For those of us in the United States,
and who are patriotic, the fourth of July
marks the day to celebrate our freedom.
There are lots of reasons why this day
is special, and so many writers have said
it eloquently.

However, let me mention what freedom means
to me. Without our freedom my husband and I
couldn't attend the church we do, nor could
I write the books I write, I couldn't express
my political feelings to friends and neighbors,
and I might not be able to shop, work, or travel
where or when I want.

My sympathies lay with those who don't have the
type of freedom we have here in the US. Living
without that freedom is something I don't want to

So to those of you who enjoy my kind of freedom,
celebrate. And pray for those who don't.

Happy Fourth of July!

"It's all about Romance!"

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