Sunday, August 19, 2007

Writing storms

With 'Dean' threatening the islands, I thought
I'd share a few notes with you on writing about
storms - all kinds of storms.

First, I do think you need to have experienced
the ferocity of a storm, or talk to someone who
has, to get it right. I wrote a hurricane into
one of my earlier books, and I spent several days
talking to someone who had been in a hurricane
and then more days talking to the local 'weather
guy' about the way a hurricane would react. Of
course that was long before we moved south into
the land of hurricanes.

I've also been in a tornado, so I know about those
critters. Blizzards - Yep! Chances are pretty
good if you've lived in Michigan for any length
of time that you know about subzero temperatures
and white-out conditions.

I put a couple of blizzards in "Heal My Hurting Heart"
because I know how it feels to be stuck inside,
white surrounding you, the feelings of isolation
that develop.

Storms are great in romances. They up the tension,
force people to behave in different ways. Kinda like
the way people are affected when they come close to death.
So knowing how storms and people react to them gives the
author a chance to build conflict, express emotions, as
my granddaughter would say, "Let it all hang out!"

Oh, and I don't need any hurricanes or tornadoes any more.
Been there, done that.

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