Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Okay! The countdown has begun. What to resolve for
the new year???

I've lost the weight, I no longer smoke, my health (because
of the weight lose) is good, I refuse to think about cleaning
the house more often, so what will I make as my resolutions
for the New Year?

Promoting the Gulf Coast Romance Writers conference in
April is a biggie. Okay, so I can do that. Spending more
time at the keyboard without playing solitare would sure
be something to resolve. Okay, limit the solitare!

There are two books that need to be rewritten. Another
good one. And of course, I must finish the 'Song' series.

That's three things on which to work. And any pyschologist
worth their salt will tell you that too many resolutions
is a sure way to accomplish nothing. So I'll stick with the
three. In the meantime, since it isn't yet 2008 - think I'll
play a little solitare.

'Heal My Hurting Heart' now available
from Champagne Books. "Heartsong"
available in August.

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