Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Birthday

I'm a Christmas baby. Okay, not a baby anymore, but I was born
on Christmas day. Actually, in the evening. So, I'm about to
celebrate another birthday.

One thing I've always laughed about - my family can't forget my
birthday. Awfully hard to forget a birthday when you are buying
presents for everyone in the family.

But it's also not the best day on which to have a birthday. For
one, when I was younger, I never had a real birthday party
with friends. After all, who wanted to go to a birthday party
when you were in the middle of your own party. I also never
got to pick my favorite meal, something the other members
of the family got to do. My dinner was always dictated by

However, after I married, my husband did everything he
could to make my day special. After the children were grown,
I really got to celebrate. One year we went to Barbados. I got
the idea for "Sea-Spun Ecstasy" while we celebrated the
season and my birthday.

Twice, he took me to Hawaii. One year, I got to explore a live
valcano on my birthday. And no, I didn't leave the goddess
of the valcano any gift. While we were on the big island, my
husband gifted me with birds of paradise and a cluster of orchids.

Now, we don't travel as much. I'm content to stay home, pick
my favorite meal and enjoy the family that can come home
for the day.

I'll wish each of them a Merry Christmas, and to everyone
who reads this blog, I wish you also a delightful day and a
special Christmas, with a New Year filled with everything
your heart desires.

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