Friday, January 04, 2008

First of the year - 2008

Getting started in 2008 has been a pain. I finally
admitted that I had to scrub the kitchen floor. If
you've read my thoughts on housework... Need I say

I still have one or two jobs yet to do and of course,
the taxes are facing me, but the paperwork hasn't
arrived so we can delay that, but here's the
problem. I need to work on the sequel to my new
historical coming in August. I have the characters
outlined, I have the story plotted but I just can't
get into it, for some reason.

Maybe with the jobs I knew I had to do out of the
way, I can put things in perspective and get going.
Arthur needs to have his story told. Occasionally
writer's block does hit. Perhaps what I need to
do is stop the surfing... I did resolve not to play
solitaire when at the computer - and I haven't.
Hooray! One goal met!

The floors have been mopped, now I need to write.
Okay, I'll get out the outline and get started...
Don't I wish.

"Heal My Hurting Heart" available
from Champagne Books,
"Heartsong" coming in August

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Stacy Thompson said...

When I need a little extra inspiration, I go to . The slide show alone gets me going. That, and I've just ordered an Alphasmart. I like to surf too. Hang Ten and Happy Writing. -- Stacy