Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras

I live in the south, the deep south. And one
thing I've learned in the years since I moved
south - they love a party. And tradition. We
can't forget tradition.

I don't think that's a bad thing. After all,
how many people do you know who have traditions.
A special meal at Christmas, the way birthdays
are celebrated, even things like going to church
on Sunday.

We have traditions here at our house. Oh, they
changed over the years as the kids grew up and
left so we have different traditions now. Still
I love the knowledge that some things will probably
go on far longer than I'm around. Like Mardi Gras
and King Cake. And birthday parties, and shrimp
festivals, and Christmas celebrations.

Think about your traditions and hope they long
outlive you.

Allison, truly enjoying the season.

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Amber Leigh Williams said...

Great post, Martha! Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday! Love that king cake.

I tagged you over at my blog...please don't hate me. Let me know when you post your answers. I can't wait to read them!


Shannon Lapham said...

Alright, here. I have to admit that what I'm about to say, indeed, sounds very odd. Yet, I am accustomed to these boughts of "whimsical intervention", and so I am following my heart.

I do not know you. I have not even heard the name Allison Knight before last night. I am a self-published author from Colorado. I am thirty years old and a stay-at-home mom. I have been working on my divine self, and have consequently had some pretty erratic dreams- and last night I had a dream about a woman named Allison Knight. This Allison Kinght and I were friends despite the age difference. This Allison Knight made me laugh. All I was relayed to in the dream in regards to Allison's being was the word "MYTHOLOGY".
Imagine my surprise when I did a google search this morning to find that, yes, there is a known Allison Knight, and hold on to your hats here, she is also an author.
I am not writing to scare you; granted I have no rational explanation for this. Maybe I should have just taken the dream and tucked it safely away for another time...but I have been asking the universe for guidance on how to find and sustain happiness. Who knows?
My name is Shannon Lee Lapham. My personal blog is www.onehundredrediris.blogspot.com
Maybe sometime in the near future you may receive an explanation for this-as may I- or not.
If anything this has given me the lead on a great author and her works.
Thank you for your time.
Shannon Lapham