Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Listening to your Muse.

A problem for many writers is the sudden, "Oh, wait a minute -
I left something out," or "Oh, wouldn't that make the plot
more interesting?"

I've had that kind of Ah ha! moment before. And last night
it happened again. In the sequel to "Heartsong" the novel
coming in August, the heroine's going to find herself kidnapped.
But the resons for that action didn't appear in my outline
until shortly before she gets kidnapped. It occurred to me,
as I lay in bed waiting for sleep, that I needed to set this
up much sooner. It was an "I left something out" moment.

I spent a good part of this afternoon, looking for a place in the
first couple of chapters to insert the motivation for the
kidnapping scene.

Why am I mentioning this? Because it's one of the many problems
writes face.

Writing a book is not easy. I just love it when someone says to
me, "I can write a book." Wanna bet!

I spent quite a few years learning just the mechanics. And I have
to say, I'm still learning. I've discovered, you'll never know it
all. So the collection of "How-To" books are increasing. The places
on the internet that talk about plotting, character developement,
scene description are places I frequent. As I said, you never
know all of it. But you can keep learning.

Off to learn more about punctuation.

"Heal My Hurting Heart" available now from
Champagne Books. "Heartsong" coming in August.

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