Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letting The Real World Interfere

This has been a bad month. Not because it's March.
Nope, the season, the month itself has nothing to
do with this being a bad month for me. I just haven't
had any time to work on my work.

When the rest of the world takes all your time, you
have to make some decisions. I've made mine. I have
to write. I not only feel guilty because my characters
are playing through my mind, urging me to tell their
story, but I also feel like I'm not being true to

As I've said before - I have to write. So, when I don't
all kinds of stress results.

So what to do about it? Easy question to ask. What is
needed is goal setting and list making. Many authors
talk about getting up very early and writing. I'm more
a night person. I'm going to give up reading at night
and spend more time at the computer. I've set my goals.
Then my characters will leave me alone and I will feel
more complete.

I'll let you know how it works...

A medieval romance - "Heartsong" coming in August
A romp through the Yukon "A Treasure for Sara"
coming in March of '09

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