Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waiting for a Release

For an author, especially this author,
waiting for a release is nerve-racking.
It was bad with the first book (for me
that was thirteen books ago) but I figured
the nervousness would decrease with each book.


Waiting for each book has increased the
tension, the suspense, the concern. Will
this book be accepted, what will the reviewers
think, will anyone even buy the book? Lots
of questions, lots of anxiety.

Of course, you guessed it. I'm waiting for
a release. And, yes, I'm nervous. Those
same questions dance around in my head, and
the concern mounts. It's probably worse with
this book, because "Heartsong" is one of my
favorite stories. It's also my first attempt
at a medieval romance. The research that
went into this book was legend. But, did
I get it right? Another question.

Okay, so I wait. The release will come-
and then I'll know. Until then...

"Heartsong" to be released in August
from Champagne Books,

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