Friday, August 15, 2008

More computer woos

I hate to do more complaining, but Bill Gates,
if you're out there, may I ask a question?

Why do we have to keep changing an operating
system that works? Finally, they got all the
kinks out of XP. So what did they do, they
designed a new operating system - Vista. But
I liked XP. And the programs I've had to update
or repurchase. UGH~!

Of course, all this does relates to writing,
because I write on a computer. I really love
the way the computer works, how much eaier
some chores become with a computer. Of
course, that means a lot more work also.
I have to work on the web page. Blogs
need attention, but shopping, writing, doing
financial stuff is all so much easier because
of the case of digital equipment at my feet.

Okay, I love my computer, I don't like the operating
system. I suspect I'm not alone~!

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